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ISWM CD Review
The Iguanas / "Sugar Town
August 1999

The lyrics don't come with the CD so it's one of those things where you can't read ahead, you have to follow along. So, we begin with, "Captured" highly reverbed vocals etch themselves prominently in the whole mix, adding an alt-edge to the production. Updated and upbeat. "La LLanta Se Me Poncho" now, I don't speak Spanish but it sounds like he's saying, "Mister, hand me my coat". Okay, maybe not then. It's better than Ricky Martin stuff like, "Living The Vida Loca" and far more catchy.

"Born Again Devil" The pounding drums, well-blended tambourine, and seering guitar lines bring to life the older Jackson Browne sound with just a smidgen of John Fogerty added for that extra zest. I want seconds!....I want seconds!....."Love Terrifies Me" Imagine a big band orchestra and a rock band playing at the same time, and that's what you hear on this cut. It's all organized but what a bizarre and beautiful bouquet of instrumentation. Juicy. "Dear Walter" We dedicate this song to Mr. Kronkite although it has nothing to do with the journalistic icon. Exactly what is the song about? Hard to say. Does it matter? Not really. This is bubble-gum, beehives and love beads and it doesn't need a rationale. It just is.

"La Guera Felix" Okay, throw another song at me where I don't understand the title. But the lyrics are a combination of mostly English sprinkled lovingly with Spanish here and there. It's a hip-swinger that begs for an encore. Happy, infectious melody that gets in your head and won't let go. Kind of like ice-cream headache. Enjoy the cone. "Latin Kings" powerful. hungry. "Fire and Gasoline" There's a fire burnin' and it ain't from the combustible items scattered nearby. These guys are making the smoke all by themselves. OW!

"You Killed My Buzz"......don't ya just hate that when it happens? Man, what a bummer. The more updated, totally different version of, "You Were More Fun When I Was Drinking"....."Si Amanece Nos Vamos" romantic. sultry persuasion. Get jiggy with it, y'all....."Arrimate" light fare for the heavy heart.

IN SUMMARY: The Iguanas have a sound like a mellow version of Smashmouth. Loungy, provocative and highly intoxicating. You don't need to speak the language to get the message. It's electrically charged Latin rhythms make it ripe for creating just the right mood. The passion is, just play it and feel it for yourself.

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